Testimonials from  Distinct Business Solutions Clients

Chase Murray- Attaboy Bar & Restaurant & Alexander’s Cafe

Chase Murray is a restaurant entrepreneur and has been in business for over 5 years. He explains that life before Distinct Business Solutions virtual CFO services was “very stressful, my house was filled with paperwork”. With DBS on his side Chase says he “can focus on the business and grow the business… can look forward to all the things that I enjoy coming to work for”. He says his latest venture Attaboy Bar & Restaurant “wouldn’t have been possible” without the support and understanding gained from Distinct Business Solutions services. “With the extra time I have now I don’t have to focus on paperwork and payroll I can focus on growing the business”

Honora Jenkins- Kind Art Ed

Honora Jenkins has been in business for over 20 years and has always tried to “to do it herself” which she explains is “not my strength”. When she changed her business structure to a company she knew she “wanted to start my company with really strong foundations… I didn’t want to do it on my own” . Honora explains that Sandy from Distinct Business Solutions “dealt with everything, from things I didn’t even know I had to do that would have taken me hours, she just like magic got it all done. There it was, my company in a folder”.

Risden-  RJK consulting engineers

“I am extremely grateful that a friend recommended Sandy from DBS to me in my hour of need. Sandy communicates clearly the services and fee structure she provides, so there were no hidden surprises which meant a level of trust was established quickly. Sandy’s service is of a high standard and I feel safe leaving my accounts in her hands. I would recommend DBS without hesitation.”

Michael -South Coast Pipe Welders

Accounting professional small business wollongong

“DBS has been there from day one, setting up our new company, keeping it in order and offering outstanding advice. As we continue to grow DBS has setup projections and budgeting advice which is helping us reach goals and build our company at a rapid rate. We have nothing but positive experiences from every interaction with DBS, and thank them for their continued support.”

Jim-  CJN Transport

Wollongong small business accountant testimonial

“Being so busy with the day to day running of my business, it is great to have someone you can trust with all my accounting needs. A massive weight off my shoulders. That along with the valuable business advise provided, I have noticed an incredible improvement in most aspects of my business.”

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