MYOB Partner- Wollongong

Distinct Business Solutions is proud to be a MYOB partner practice based right here in the Illawarra.

MYOB is one of the world’s most popular and powerful cloud accounting software solutions. With easy to use web and mobile apps MYOB allows business owners to see their financial results with the touch of a finger. MYOB’s ease of use, thoughtful design and Australian based support make it a stand-out option for your business.

Why choose Distinct Business Solutions Wollongong and MYOB?

1. MYOB is popular (social proof)

MYOB is popular with not only small business owners but with the accountants they know and trust.

2. MYOB is designed with simplicity in mind

At Distinct Business Solutions we love that MYOB has been designed to be simple. The mobile and web applications make it easy to perform tasks. The team at MYOB really understand that you didn’t go into business to spend all your time doing the books

3. MYOB is accurate

With bookkeeping and accounting accuracy is key. We find MYOB to stand out because the ease of use means client’s books are correct the first time, saving time and unnecessary stress, and that is always a winner in our book.

4. Subscription options as your business grows

MYOB subscriptions vary from options for the solopreneur to large multinational companies. They make it easy to change your subscription to include things like payroll as your business grows.

5. MYOB includes client feedback

Just like the team at Distinct Business Solutions, MYOB listens to client feedback to make their product offerings better. They are open to feedback and questions and utilise this feedback to genuinely improve the MYOB system on an ongoing basis, which we love!

6. MYOB allows you to save receipts

This is a huge timesaver for our clients, MYOB allows you to photograph and save receipts right from the mobile app. This means you can take a photo of your receipt and save it forever with no need to keep mountains of receipts and invoices. Say goodbye to the shoe box for good!

7. MYOB allows you to account for individual jobs

MYOB makes it simple to assign costs to particular jobs, services or days meaning you have better clarity over where your business is spending money and where it is making money. The simplicity of the process means we can show you the process on set up and you are up and running with an almost instant increase in understanding of you business and it’s financial position.


MYOB Silver Partner

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